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EnGenius Theory-Talk

Everything about optical Fiber
This Theory-Talk webinar tries to cover "everything" about:

  • Optical multi-mode and single mode fiber
  • Optical connectors LC+SC
  • Modules SFP, SFP+ amongst others
  • Also, touching slightly on: PON
  • And lastly some troubleshooting tips

Date: mercredi 26 janvier 2022
Durée: 60 minutes
Heure: 10:30 Uhr

EnGenius Tech-Talk

Wi-Fi for Warehouse Storage
In this Tech-Talk webinar, we will teach you all how you need to create an excellent Wi-Fi network in a Warehouse Storage through covering the following topics:

  • ezWiFi Planner project: we show you quickly by DEMO what you need to know to choose and place, correct APs on the map.
  • DEMO: to show you how to Create: ORG and Network, add APs and configure in the best way.

We'll also covering some technical specifiactions
As usual, questions are always more than welcome to avoid any errors and increase the knowledge of our customers!

Date: mercredi 09 février 2022
Durée: 60 minutes
Heure: 10:30 Uhr

EnGenius Product-Talk

This Tech-Talk webinar is an introduction to the ner EnGenius Cloud Access Point ECW336

Date: mercredi 26 février 2022
Durée: 60 minutes
Heure: 10:30 Uhr

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